Working Paper Series

Welcome to our Working Paper Series at the London School of Business and Management.

Launched in December 2015 by our Centre for Research and Enterprise (CRE), the Working Paper Series, although primarily an in-house publication, is open to the general public and especially those that share our core values. The series is multidisciplinary covering all areas of our scholarly provision in the general areas of business, management, law and accounting.

Papers may be submitted in the following formats:

  • case studies
  • literature reviews
  • practitioner papers
  • conceptual papers
  • viewpoints

The target audience is our key stakeholders:

  • students
  • staff 
  • employers

Authors are requested to use unstructured abstracts and a list of up to five keywords.

Please note that all manuscripts submitted for consideration will undergo an editorial review to ensure that it meets our submission guidelines (please download template here).

Papers may be submitted at any time of the year with the author's details submitted in a separate document from the anonymous manuscript. Authors should indicate the type of paper in their submission and provide an indication of the subject area in the subject box of the email. Submissions should be between 4000 and 7000 words in length.

To submit a paper please email:


LSBM working paper series (Online) ISSN 2397-5652
Table of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 1
Published: January 2016, Start page: 1


Nnamdi O. Madichie (pp. 1-2)

Servant Leadership in Higher Education

Edward Queen (pp. 3-10)

ECDL-Enterprise Education Alignment: Insights from a London University

Cedric Nosa, Nnamdi O. Madichie (pp. 11-17)

The Potential of Semantic Web Technologies for Student Engagement Analytics

Iona Tuns (pp. 18-37)

Investigating the Impact of E-Publishing on the Future of Libraries

Timothy O. Hassan (pp. 38-61)

Exploring ICT Adoption by SME's in Southern Africa

Knowledge Mpofu, Sinfree Gono (pp. 62-76)


LSBM working paper series (Online) ISSN 2397-5652
Table of Contents: Volume 1 Issues 2/3
Published: November 2016, Start page: 1


Nnamdi O. Madichie (pp. 1-3)

The Charm of Pandora - A Brand Audit

Claudia Maugeri (pp. 4-11)

Brand Awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility in a French Real Estate Firm

Anais Cornault (pp. 12-23)

Brand associations and the Disney Magic

Mary Westre (pp. 24-36)

Eminem - A retrospective brand Audit

Giulia Rinaldi (pp. 37-46)

The CEO Brand - A Tale of Halo Effects

Nnamdi O. Madichie (pp. 47-55)

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