Student Representation and Engagement

We have adopted the Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) network definition of student engagement:

Student engagement (SE) is about what a student brings to Higher Education in terms of goals, aspirations, values and beliefs and how these are shaped and mediated by their experience whilst a student. SE is constructed and reconstructed through the lenses of the perceptions and identities held by students and the meaning and sense a student makes of their experiences and interactions. As players in and shapers of the educational context, educators need to foster educationally purposeful SE to support and enable students to learn in constructive and powerful ways and realise their potential in education and society. 

We aim to engage our students  as active members of our learning community. One of the main ways in which we do this is through our Student Academic Representative (STAR) system. Every semester, each student group elects a STAR to serve on the Student Staff Consultative Forum (SSCF). The SSCF is a formal committee from which minutes and actions can be referred to other relevant committees. In addition to the SSCF meetings the Student Engagement and Success (SES) division hosts weekly drop-in sessions where STARs are encouraged to share their ideas, views and experiences with the Head of SES.  As part of their duties the STARs are also included as full decision making members of our Academic Committee and Course Committees, which help shape the way the Institution runs and the courses are delivered.  

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