Print, Copy and Scan

All the students and staff can use Birkbeck print, copy and scan facilities in the PC Workstation rooms and Libraries.

  • Printing and Charges
    1. All workstation rooms and the Library have printers available. You will usually be automatically connected to the nearest printer when you login, but should check before you send a file to be printed.
    2. Printing is a chargeable service, costing 5p per sheet (whether you print on one side or both). There is a colour printer available within the service desk, costing 25p per sheet.
    3. You can top up your printing account at
  • Adding Print Credit
    Print credit may be added by
    1. Using cash in the print account recharging machine on the ground floor of the Malet Street main building to the left of main reception, and on the first floor of the Library, adjacent to the photocopiers.
    2. Cash or card at the Student Shop, Malet Street basement.
    3. Credit card via the online payments facility.

For more information on using the Birkbeck facilities please go to:

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  • Photocopiers are available on level 1 of the Library. All of the photocopiers/printers in the Library can print/photocopy in black and white and colour.
  • The photocopiers can make A4 and A3 copies and have reduction and enlargement facilities. They can also copy double-sided. They are switched off 15 minutes before the Library closes.
  • Copies cost 5p for A4 (25p for colour) and 10p for A3 (50p for colour). Payment for photocopying is via your online account.

For more information on using the Birkbeck facilities please click go to:

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  • There are scanners available in the Library Assistive Technology Centre (ATC) and in the Assistive Technology Booth. Some scanners are designed for book scanning and others have sheet feeders for scanning multiple pages.
  • For more help on how to use the scanners, please contact Assistive Technology Support Tel: 020 7079 0717

For more information on using the Birkbeck facilities please go to:

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