Managing your password and the steps you must take to keep your account secure.

About your LSBM IT Services Passwords

Every student of London School of Business and Management will receive a password for their IT systems.

HND students will have access to SSP, Moodle, Institutional email and Birkbeck facilities.

Degree and Topup students will have access to SSP, NILE, Institutional email and Birkbeck facilites.

We advise you to keep the same password for all the IT systems.

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How to change password

If you have access to your IT systems you can change your passwords after logging in to your accounts.

    • How to change your password for Moodle
    • Go to
    • Click on ‘Login’.
    • Enter your LON number for user name and enter your password, then press the ‘Login’ button.
    • Under ‘Settings click on ‘Change Password’.
    • Enter your ‘Current Password’.
    • Enter your ‘New Password and click on Save Changes’.
    • For step by step guide to SSP with screen shots click here
    • How to change your password for Outlook
      • Please click on the Url:
      • Enter your 'Username' and 'Password'.
      • Click on the 'Tiles Icon' located in the top left corner of the page.
      • Click on 'View all my apps'.
      • Click on the 'Change Password Tile'.
      • Enter your LON email address.
      • Enter your ' Old Password' .
      • Enter your 'New Password' and enter your 'New Password' again to confirm.
      • Your new password should now be saved.
      • If you can not see the 'Change Password' Tile then to change your password click here.
    • How to change your password for your Birkbeck Account
    • Please click on the Url:
    • then click on Change your Birkbeck password.
    • It will ask you to enter your current login details.
    • Then follow the instructions on the screen to change the password.
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I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password for an IT account please see the instructions below:

  • Have you forgotten your password for SSP?  
    • Reset SSP Password:
      • Click on ‘Forgot Password’ next to the login icon.
      • Input your ‘LON Number’ into the ‘Username’ box and ‘Press Continue’.
      • Answer the ‘Hint Question’ with your secret answer (prearranged when you set up SSP).
      • Click ‘Submit’. A new password will be sent to your personal email account.
      • Follow the link to reset password.
      Have you forgotten your SSP password and secret answer?
      • Contact IT Support’ by raising a ‘Ticket’.  
      • For SSP step by step guide with screen shots click here
    • Have you forgotten your password for Moodle?
      • Reset Moodle password 
      • Go to or and click on ‘Moodle’
      • Click on ‘Login’.
      • Click on ‘Forgotten User Name or Password’.
      • Enter your LON Number’ into ‘Username’ and click ‘Search’.
      • ClickContinue’.
      • Once you receive your email, follow the steps outlined in the email.
      • You should now be able to access Moodle.
      • For Moodle step by step guide with screen shots click here
      Have you forgotten your password for Outlook?
      • Contact ‘IT Support’ by raising a ‘Ticket’.
      Have you forgotten your password for your Birkbeck Account?
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Keeping your password secure
  • Steps to take to ensure your password stays safe:
    1. Your password must contain at least seven alphabetic and/or numeric characters (preferably between 8 and 12 characters)
    2. You should never tell anyone the answers to the security questions for your password
    3. The Institution will never ask you for your password via email, telephone or letter.
  • The recommended process for choosing a secure password is: 
    1. Think of a memorable phrase on which to base the password
    2. Replace words with meaningful numbers or special symbols (e.g. to, too = 2, for = 4, and = &)
    3. Capitalise some of the first letters
    4. Replace letters with numbers or special characters that look similar (e.g. I = 1, o = 0, s = 5 or $)
    5. Try to include a number somewhere. Try replacing an 'e' with three or 'oh' with a zero. E.g z00gard3n
    6. Avoid commonly used words - such as 'password' or the names of your family
    7. Don't use any part of your name in the password
    8. Don’t use a space, backslash ('\') or a pound sign ("£") in your password
    9. Don't use characters that aren't readily accessible on the keyboard formats you are likely to be using (e.g. ø if you need to use UK format keyboards)  

For more advice about managing your password, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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