Conference Papers

Banos, V., Stepanyan, K., Joy, M., Cristea, A. I., & Manolopoulos, Y. (2012). Technological foundations of the current Blogosphere. International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics - WIMS'12, Craiova, Romania. June 13-15.

Bright, C (2016) 'Human Rights Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability', presented within the framework of the Workshop organised by the International Law Working group, European University Institute, Florence, 12 May 2016.

Bright, C (2016)  'Quelques réflexions à propos de l'affaire Shell aux Pays-Bas' (Some reflexions about the Shell case in the Netherlands), presented at the Conference 'L'entreprise multinationale et le droit international' (Multinational Corporations and International Law) organised by the Société Française pour le Droit International (French Society for International Law), Paris 19-21 May 2016.

Bright, C. (2013a) The Implications of Kiobel for Corporate Civil Liability, Vth Journal of Private International Law Conference (Madrid: 12-13 September).

Bright, C. (2013b) La responsabilità civile delle società multinazionali in caso di violazioni dei diritti umani in paesi in via di sviluppo [Civil Liability of Multinational Corporations for Human Rights Abuses in Developing Countries], La promozione della responsabilità sociale delle imprese (University of Florence: 7 May 2013)

Bright, C. (2011a) L'esercizio extraterritoriale della giurisdizione civile con riferimento a gravi comportamenti lesivi di diritti umani imputabili ad imprese multinazionali [The Exercise of Extraterritorial Civil Jurisdiction in Relation to Serious Corporate Human Rights Violations], 10th Young International Lawyers Research Forum(University of Catania: 24-25 January.)

Bright, C. (2011b) A Forum of Necessity for Victims of Corporate Human Rights Abuse, Global Governance and Transnational Human Rights Obligations Doctoral School (Florence: European University Institute, 1-3 December.)

Bright, C. (2011c) Public Policy as an Obstacle to Full Recognition of Civil Status and Parenting Rights of Same-Sex Couples? Equality and Justice – LGBTI Rights in the XXI Century (Florence: 12-13 May.)

Bright, C. (2011d) Human Rights Protection and Private International Law, Human Rights, Multinational Corporations and International Law Doctoral Workshop (European University Institute, 2 May.)

Bright, C. (2011e) The Role of Access to Justice to Provide Human Rights Protection in Private International Law, 14th Journal of Private International Law Conference (Milan: 14 April 2011).

Bright, C. (2010a) The Public Policy Exception to Recognition of Foreign Judgments on Islamic ‘Talaq’', Private International Law Conference (Madrid: University Complutense, 24-25 March.)

Bright, C. (2010b) From “Bhopal” to “Kiobel”: Corporations and Social Environmental Justice in the Courts, Towards Social Environmental Justice? (Florence: European University Institute, 26 November.)

Fairhurst, J. (2011) “Reforming The ASEAN Economic Community’s Dispute Settlement Mechanisms”, Paper presented at the 6th UUM International Legal Conference, Penang (Universiti Utara Malaysia), October.

Gkotsis, G., Stepanyan, K., Cristea, A. I., & Joy, M. (2013). Self-supervised automated wrapper generation for weblog data extraction. Paper presented at the 29th British National Conference on Databases, Oxford, UK.

Gkotsis, G., Stepanyan, K., Cristea, A., & Joy, M. (2013). Zero-cost Labelling with Web Feeds for Weblog Data Extraction. World Wide Web 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gkotsis, G., Stepanyan, K., Cristea, A., & Joy, M. (Under Review). Self-supervised automated wrapper generation for weblog data extraction.

Madichie, N. Abdullah Promise Opute, Sirak Hagos, (2016) “Entrepreneurship Behaviour of African Minorities in the UK: Moderating Influence of Culture.” Paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Conference, Newcastle Business School, July 4-7.

Madichie, N. (2015) “Heaven Kigali – Narratives & Realities of an ‘Ethnic Minority’ Woman Business Owner.” Paper to be presented at the 38th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference, Glasgow, November 10-13.

Madichie, N. and Gbadamosi, A. (2014) “Demarketing of Higher Education – Thinking ‘out of the box’ or out of focus?” Paper presented at the 37th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference, Manchester, November 5-6..

Madichie, N., and Nosa, C. (2013) Aligning the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) with Enterprise Education in a London University. Paper presented at the 36th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference, Cardiff, UK, November 12-13.

Madichie, N. (2012) “Students’ evaluation of teaching (SET): Are we ‘mastering the art’ of ‘missing the science’ in Marketing?” Paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Conference. University of Southampton, UK. July 4-5.

Madichie, N. and Gbadamosi, A. (2010) “Adaptive Curriculum for Entrepreneurial Learning: A case study of SME Marketing at UEL.” Paper presented at the 33rd ISBE Conference, Grand Connaught Rooms, London, 2-4 November.

Mistry, U, Courtney C, Hillman N (2016) Personal Development Plan. 6th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, London School of Business and Management.

Mistry, U, Courtney C, Hillman N (2016) The Gift box – True stories behind the Inclusive Learning Journey, 6th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, London School of Business and Management.

Mistry, U, (2012) Beyond Budgeting – Changes in Universities, Vista Conference, University of West London.

Mpofu, K. C. and Gono S. (2014) ‘Exploring inter-relationships between ICT adoption factors: Insights from SMEs in countries of southern Africa.’ Paper presented at the 37th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference, Manchester, 5-6 November.

Stepanyan, K., Gkotsis, G., Banos, V., Cristea, A., & Joy, M. (2013). A Hybrid Approach for Spotting, Disambiguating and Annotating Places in User-Generated Text. World Wide Web 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Stepanyan, K., Gkotsis, G., Cristea, A., Joy, M., Kalb, H., & Lazaridou, P. (Under Review). A Component-Based Data Model for Weblog Preservation. World Wide Web Journal.         

Stepanyan, K., Gkotsis, G., Cristea, A., & Joy, M. (Under Review).  A Component-Based Data Model for Blog Preservation. International Journal of World Wide Web.

Stepanyan, K., Gkotsis, G., Kalb, H., Kim, Y., Cristea, A. I., Joy, M., Ross, S. (2012). Blogs as Objects of Preservation: a Definition with Significant Properties. Paper presented at the iPres 2012, Toronto, Canada.

Stepanyan, K., Littlejohn, A., & Margaryan, A. (2011). Sustainable eLearning in a Changing Landscape: A Scoping Study (SeLScope)Supporting Sustainable eLearning Special Interest Group (SSeLF SIG): Glasgow Caledonian University.

Stepanyan, K., Borau, K., & Ullrich, C. (2010). A Social Network Analysis Perspective on Student Interaction Within the Twitter Microblogging Environment. Paper presented at the 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Sousse, Tunisia.

Stepanyan, K., Mather, R., Hamilton-Jones, C., & Lusuardi, C. (2009). Avoiding Pitfalls of Peer Assessment. Paper presented at the 9th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.

Stepanyan, K., Mather, R., Jones, H., & Lusuardi, C. (2009). Student Engagement with Peer Assessment: A Review of Pedagogical Design and Technologies. Paper presented at the Advances in Web Based Learning – ICWL 2009. Best Paper Nomination

Stepanyan, K., Mather, R., & Payne, J. (2007a). Integrating Social Software into Course Design and Tracking Student Engagement: Early Results and Research Perspectives. Paper presented at the E-LEARN 2006 - World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education, Quebec, Canada.

Stepanyan, K., Mather, R., & Payne, J. (2007b). Awareness of the capabilities and use of social software attributes within and outside the educational context: moving towards collaborative learning with Web 2.0. Paper presented at the ICL2007 - Interactive Computer Aided Learning Villach, Austria. September 26-28.

Stepanyan, K. (2007) Teaching small groups with no-reply E-mails? Paper presented at the ELGG Jam, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Stepanyan, K., Mather, R., Payne, J., & Jones, R. (2007) Social software to support collaborative processes of Undergraduate Learning: Early Observations and emerging research requirements. Paper presented at the ALT-C 2007: Beyond Control, Nottingham, United Kingdom. September 4-6.

Stepanyan, K. (2006). Poster Presentation: Challenges and Opportunities for Practicing E-learning Globally. Paper presented at the 2nd Annual E-learning Conference, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe.

Stepanyan, K. (2005a) A Web Based Presentation Tool for the "Moodle" Course Management System. Paper presented at the MoodleMoot-UK 2005 Conference.

Stepanyan, K. (2005b) “Moodle” Course Management System and a Web Presentation Tool. Paper presented at the Information Technologies in Education.

Stevens, J. (2015) Passing the work of others for credit Development. 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, London School of Business and Management, July 8. 

Stevens, J. (2012) Towards an international judicial review mechanism. Post Graduate Conference in Human rights. University Cork.

Taylor, S. (2015) Servant Leadership In Higher Education. 5th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, London School of Business and Management, July 7. 

Taylor, S. (2013a) 12th Greenleaf Servant Leadership Annual conference (UK), London.  7-8th of November 2013. The Servant-Leadership Legacy of Hilton College, South Africa.

Taylor, S. (2013b) Development of a philosophy and practice of Servant Leadership through service opportunity. 9th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance, 14-15 of November 2013 Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt Austria. 

Taylor, S. (2010a) Interdisciplinary Social Sciences conference, Cambridge University, 2010. Presentation of paper on Servant Leadership.

Taylor, S. (2010b) Keynote Addresss, Universities of Southern Africa facilities Directors’ Annual Conference.

Taylor, S. (2009) Creating Sustainable organizations, through servant leadership. Interdisciplinary Social Sciences conference, Athens University.

Ullrich, C., Borau, K., & Stepanyan, K. (2010). Who Students Interact with? A Social Network Analysis Perspective on the use of Twitter in Language Learning. Paper presented at the EC-TEL 2010 - Sustaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice 5th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning., Barcelona, Spain. September 28 - October 1.

Thompson, R. and Hunter, H. (2013) Student choice factors when considering Higher Education, Proceedings from Oxford Brookes Education Conference.

Thompson, R. and Twissell, A. (2012) Academics reflect upon occupational experience and philosophical position, Proceedings from Oxford Brookes Education Conference, 2012.

Thompson, R. (2011) “Coaching in the classroom”, Proceedings from UoN Education Conference. University of Northampton.

Thompson, R. (2008) “CSR and consumer herding”, Proceedings from BAM CSR SIG Conference.

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